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Thomas Cook reassures holidaymakers after shares plunge

Troubled travel firm has been reassuring customers who flooded the firm with concerns about holiday trips.

Marathon Oil firm fined 1.16m for North Sea gas release

It happened on the Brae Alpha platform in 2015, luckily while most of the personnel were gathered for their Boxing Day meal.

Carmaker Ford announces 7,000 job cuts

The US car giant says it will shed 10% of its global workforce by the end of August to cut costs.

Huawei's use of Android restricted by Google

New designs of Huawei smartphones are set to lose access to some Google apps.

Royal Mail to launch parcel postboxes

Customers will be able to post parcels in the same way as letters, as long as postage is pre-paid.

Ryanair expects to win in airline 'fare wars'

Europe's biggest discount airline says fares are "artificially low" after profits fall by a third.

Warning over 'new eurozone crisis'

A senior adviser to the German government fears another European financial crisis could be brewing.

Japan economy beats expectations of slowdown

Analysts had tipped the world's third largest economy would shrink slightly at the start of 2019.

Rail passengers lost 3.9m hours in 2018, Which? report says

About 80 trains a day were significantly late and another 660 trains per day were cancelled.

Greenpeace activists inside boxes block BP headquarters

Those inside the containers have enough food and water to last them for a week, it is claimed.

Manchester Airport: Flights cancelled and delayed after fuel problem

Manchester Airport says a "power issue", which caused 87 flight cancellations, has been resolved.

How the humble brick built the world

Why bricks are still a vital building technology.

Are our weddings too white?

Why it might be time to rethink the way we celebrate as more couples come from diverse backgrounds.

The doctor who invented 18 medical devices

Professionals are finding holes in the system and turning into entrepreneurs to fill gaps in the market.

The pistachios that need police protection

In Sicily, police are moving to stop criminals stealing the island's pistachios ahead of this year's harvest.

Hawksmoor wine mistake: How is any bottle worth 4,500?

Experts explain why wine can be priced at thousands of pounds, how it tastes, and who buys it.

What has happened to energy since privatisation?

What has happened to bills, profits and how the UK compares with the rest of the EU?

Conjuring designs from thin air in a virtual world

How virtual reality tech is finally beginning to fulfil its potential for business.

Could aviation ever be less polluting?

The aircraft industry has to cut greenhouse gases but air travel is growing, so what's the answer?

Why Canada is a guinea pig for global markets

Facebook is not the only firm to test new innovations in Canada before launching them globally.

What do drivers think of Uber?

As the company prepares to sell its shares, the BBC talks to two drivers about what it's like to work there.

Trade war: US-China trade battle in charts

Talks resume on Thursday after President Trump escalated the trade war with the threat of new tariffs.

Is Eritrea coming in from the cold?

After years of sanctions and war, can the African country finally realise its economic potential?

Retail revolution: How mail order changed middle class life

By offering a range of goods at low prices, mail order helped transform middle-class life.

Will a trade deal end US-China rivalry?

The US and China are trying to hammer out a trade deal. But will an agreement end their rivalry?

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