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What's going on with the UK economy?

Employment is soaring but growth is tepid, so what should we make of the state of the UK economy?

Richard Branson calls for new Brexit vote

The Virgin owner says the UK is close to 'disaster', and many leave voters had changed their minds.

The Disney-Fox giant in five charts

What Disney's takeover of Rupert Murdoch's 21st Century Fox means for the industry - in charts.

Trade war: US-China to resume face-to-face talks next week

The negotiations have taken longer than some had expected with contradictory comments on progress.

Jet Airways: The riches to rags story of India's oldest private airline

The airline was once the shining face of Indian aviation, but now it is struggling to survive.

Is this America's most hated family?

Purdue Pharma has generated billions for the family that own it from selling controversial painkiller opioids.

Is Apple about to expand its TV business?

With iPhone sales slowing, could the tech giant be about to announce a move into subscription TV?

Global markets fall amid slowdown fears

The FTSE 100 saw its worst day of trading this year, while US stock markets have also fallen sharply.

Sainsbury's and Asda offer to sell supermarkets to merge

The chains tell the UK competition watchdog they would sell up to 150 supermarkets to be able to merge.

Debenhams seeks 200m in new funds

The struggling department store chain is trying to fend off overtures from Sports Direct's Mike Ashley.

Social status quiz for civil service job applicants

Civil service chiefs are asking staff how working class they think they are to make recruitment fairer.

Autonomous shuttle to be tested in New York City

The self-driving shuttle will be available to workers at a large site in Brooklyn.

Food Crime Unit pledges tougher action on food fraud

From peanuts in your pesto to mislabelled fish, food fraudsters are now in the spotlight.

Brexit fears boost British tourism

Uncertainty over Brexit is prompting a surge in bookings for British holidays this year.

'Pink tax': Should personal care products for women cost more?

Should personal care products marketed to women cost more? And is there actually any difference?

KFC's UK and Ireland boss talks about the day the chicken chain ran out of chicken

KFC's UK and Ireland managing director Paula MacKenzie talks about the day the chicken chain ran out of chicken.

Filipino firm Jollibee takes on US fried chicken chains

The battle for crispy, deep-fried chicken is on. There is a new kid in town and it is not American.

Why women's jeans are getting higher and higher

Levi Strauss boss Chip Bergh talks women's jeans with the BBC's Michelle Fleury.

Future transport: How will we get around in 2050?

The push for cleaner air will mean more electric vehicles that are driverless and shared, according to experts.

Would congestion charge work in NYC?

New York could follow London by introducing a congestion charge, but will it benefit everyone?

'Don't run before you can walk'

"Don't run before you can walk," says tech firm adviser Manish Madhvani - first build your brand.

World's most expensive cities revealed

Paris is top in a list of the world's most expensive cities, alongside Hong Kong and Singapore.

Brexit: How will the new tariff system work?

What are tariffs and how do they work?

Boom or bust: What culture tells us about money

Professor Nicky March picks out some examples from art and literature and explains what they tell us.

How do you know where your olive oil really comes from?

New technologies are helping track the provenance of food throughout the supply chain.

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